Creative Audio Plugins!

Product Description

  • The Metamorphosizer Delay audio plugin is designed for creative minds who love to experiment with sound, build textures and soundscapes.
  • This audio plugin at its core functions as a delay, but it offers the user the ability to loop the sounds they put into it via a microphone or other electronic source, build
  • complex layers and truly Metamorphosize the sound through the plugins transition and time parameters. This plugin is currently available to MAC users and
  • works with your DAW.

This plugin is amazing! It´s so intuitive to use and works with my DAW. This is not just a simple delay, although it has that traditional delay functionality. This is truly a creative tool that helps you create multi layered textures from nothing but the sound sources you can generate around you! Whether it be with your mouth & voice, tin cans, a glass, or even any instrument, electronic or acoustic! The results are always mind blowing! A must have!

Carolina Monntoya

Musician / Music Producer

You really need to try this plugin for yourself! Yes its a delay at its core, but it´s really more than that. When I want to start creating a vibe now, I just pick up a microphone and start introducing sounds from within my environment. The plugin has this ability to completely evolve the sounds I enter into it. Im so excited about the prospect of using the Metamorphosizer plugin because its so fun and easy to use, and the sound that comes out of it, the end result, I know I am the one who has designed all of it! I didnt just press a note on a keyboard, no, I introduced a variety of different sound sources over different time signatures and complex and unique textures emerge which I can then build into an off the wall crescendo of audio colourful bliss!

Peter Rose

Recording Artist

A spectacular audio plugin that can take any sound, build layer upon layer and when you adjust the controls, it sends your soundscapes that emerge into the stratosphere! Epic for rhythmical textures and soundscapes that are not predetermined by the preset. You are the creator with this! That´s just with one instance of the plugin. Try loading multiple instances and applying automation! This is a very unique plugin and a must have for any creative musician and producer!

Gerald Gilbert